The restaurant "Pescatore" is ready for spring: gather a big company of friends and set off on the most delicious journey of this season. Of course, there is no need to leave the city, rather the opposite: the pearl of the capital - restaurant Pescatore with a veranda on the waterfront and the view of Christ the Saviour Cathedral presents you with an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

A good dozen cold appetizers: oysters, shrimps, lobster or maybe a dozen sea urchins? Or a dozen any kind of sashimi - anything you want in the amount of 12 pieces will be accompanied by a bottle of dry sparkling wine as a complement to the table from the restaurant Pescatore. The more dozens on your table, the more delicious wine will be spilled tonight! Each dozen cold snacks is accompanied by a bottle of sparkling wine!

If a fair wind hits the sails, and you long for the gifts of Poseidon, restaurant Pescatore invites you on board!

Reserve: +7 (499) 963-81-33

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