"The huge tuna evening" at Pescatore restaurant — December 22!

22 December at 19.00 on the eve of New Year holidays Andrei Azotes, the owner of the fish restaurant Pescatore, invites guests to a gastronomic dinner "the tuna evening"!

According to the tradition, specifically for this event freshly caught Bluefin tuna weighing more than 60 kg will be brought from Japan! You can watch the masterful work of the cook in butchering fish if you choose a table close to the open kitchen. Chef Mido Mustafa will offer guests to try the tartar, carpaccio, sashimi, scutato and other fish dishes of the highest quality, cooked according to original recipes. The pleasant atmosphere of the evening will be complemented by the light live music and magical Christmas decoration!

Guests will have a true gastronomic pleasure!

Reservation: +7 (499) 963-81-33

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