Truffle menu in the restaurant Pescatore!

On 10 November at 19.00, there will be dinner on the occasion of the beginning of the Truffle season at the restaurant Pescatore! Any foodie knows that the best time for tasting truffles is, of course, autumn. November in Europe is the season of "quiet hunt" on this spicy delicacy. These most expensive in the world mushrooms are difficult to find, they can grow on areas of former vineyards, can settle in the lands where once there were fires or where once an olive grove grew.
It is impossible to grow the fastidious mushroom under greenhouse conditions, that’s why truffle hunters can only rely on specially trained for this difficult task dogs. "The white diamond" is eaten raw and combined with some simple food that doesn't spoil its taste and unique flavour!
Specially for the guests, the chef of the restaurant "Pescatore" Mido Mustafa has developed dishes not only perfectly blending with this exquisite delicacy, but undoubtedly adding to its unique taste! So, at Pescatore you can try the white truffle with sea urchin risotto, scallops and a delicate puree of leek, langoustine tartar, and homemade pasta! Starting November 10 and during the month you will be able to try dishes from the truffle menu! Bon appétit!

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