On April 19, all the eyes of the guests of Pescatore will again be attracted to it - A HUGE Bluefin TUNA!

This kind of tuna can reach 3 meters in length and 450 kg! But the fish of this size, unfortunately, simply will not fit in the restaurant! Therefore, tuna weighing about 60 kg will be delivered to us on a direct flight from Japan, so that guests can see it entirely! It'll be right under chef Mustafa's knife. Along with a restaurant owner Andrei Zaitsev Mido will split the Pacific giant! Our skilled chefs will prepare scutata, tataki, tartare, carpaccio, ceviche and sashimi. And guests will be able to choose from which part of this noble fish to order a dish: from akami, senaka (back), o-Toro or Chu-Toro (abdomen). Since ancient times, gastronomes have considered Bluefin tuna a true delicacy for its delicate, almost unlike fish, noble taste. It is the most valuable commodity in the giant Tsukiji market in Tokyo. That is why the dishes from it are so refined and have their own unique "flavour".

Pescatore always has a warm, almost intimate atmosphere. Excellent taste and quality of products are organically combined with a cosy and stylish interior, convenient location and a magical view of the river and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour!

Therefore, we recommend to book a table in advance, because there are always a lot of people willing to look at this gastronomic show!

The evening begins at 20.00.



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