Season of oysters at the restaurant Pescatore

The delicacy, like oysters, has long ceased to be something strange and now increasingly common in the restaurants of the capital. The restaurant Pescatore, which became famous for the freshest sea delicacies and cuisine just in a year, can surprise even the most sophisticated guest, as oysters can be tasted not only during the season but also all year round! And the secret of their amazing taste, size and freshness is in their origin: they are all guests, brought directly from Japan, Tunisia and Morocco! After arriving at the restaurant Pescatore, they live in special large aquariums, awakening a great desire to try sea delicacies with a glass of lovely white wine!
Thus, we collected the best premium varieties of the mollusc in the oyster card:

Mediterranean (290 RUB.)
White pearl №2 (320 RUB.)
Ishinomaki (350 RUB.)
Fin de Claire (350 RUB.)
Royal murotsu (350 RUB.)
Akka 350 (RUB)
Casablanca (400 RUB.)
Uro Muro №1 540 (RUB)
Pescatore 550 (RUB)
Doss (550 RUB.)
Akasaki (600 RUB.)

Bersenevskaya embankment 16/9
Reservation: +7 (499) 963-81-33

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