The opening of the summer terrace of the restaurant "Pescatore"

8 June at 20:00 a very important event is awaiting all the friends of the restaurant "Pescatore", opened not so long ago by the capital famous restaurateur, fisherman and hunter Andrei Azotes.
This evening the lovers of seafood and fish will go on a summer "voyage" at the event dedicated to the opening of a huge summer terrace in the form of a snow-white yacht! Magnificent views of the Moscow river and Christ the Saviour Cathedral, the unusual shape and design of the veranda will create a full feeling that you are on a real sailboat, while delicious seafood by the chef of the restaurant Mido Mustafa will give guests the opportunity to completely break away from the metropolitan hustle and bustle and go on an unforgettable gastronomic journey! On this special occasion freshly caught yellowtail and tuna will arrive from Japan, shrimp from the coast of the Okhotsk sea, sea urchins, mussels and live scallops from Murmansk, and of course oysters!

The chef will surprise even the most discerning guests with dishes of fish itoiori, bivalve mollusc, sea cucumber tripang or a rare delicacy - roe of cod, which he will fry in tempura, or cook with yuzu dressing.

Our special guests during this unforgettable night will be everyone's favourite singer Valery Syutkin and not less favourite Dj Vitaly Kozak!

Event starts 20:00
Bersenevskaya embankment 16/9
Reservation: +7 (499) 963-81-33

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