We have introduced new items that can give an even greater flavour to the already bright and exquisite menu.


Chef Mido Mustafa added dishes that emphasize the taste of fresh fish and seafood.

And you’d better believe that Mido is really good at it! So, please welcome:

Spaghetti AOP with crab

Orzo with smoked shrimps, zucchini and saffron

Tom yum

Linguine with salmon and broccoli

Crab tempura in tofu-teriyaki sauce

Halibut fried in sweet soy sauce with asparagus

In the hands of the master, even the simplest products acquire a special charm that can bring the demanding Metropolitan audience to gastronomic delight.

After all, the peculiarity of the dishes in Pescatore is in the freshness of the products, the enormous experience of the chefs working with fish and seafood and their great love for the work they do.

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