About our restaurant

About our restaurant

After long silence, the owner of the restaurants “NOA”, “Albero” Andrey Zaitsev returns to the restaurant market of Moscow with a new project – seafood restaurant “Pescatore”.

The small place offering only 70 seats occupies the old mansion on Bersenevskaya embankment, right opposite the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Almost every day new items are added to the main menu, which presents all the major seafood hits, depending on what kind of fish or seafood has been “caught in the net”. Moreover, the owner personally meets and knows the preferences of his frequent guests.

The Chef Mido Moustafa is responsible for the kitchen at Pescatore. He started his career in Italy, then worked in restaurants in Russia and the United States. In order to prepare for the launch of the restaurant, he had six months training at Langosteria - one of the best seafood restaurants in Milan. He had also worked for several weeks under supervision of the chef in the iconic restaurant “Ronin” situated in Hong Kong.

For the Moscow project, Mido Mustafa has created a special menu, where Mediterranean cuisine is combined with a trendy Asian one. He mixes hummus with raw shrimps. Fresh scallop carpaccio is flavored with homemade smoked salt.
After being simmered for 12 hours at low temperature, octopus is served with oyster mayonnaise. The chef bakes Sea fish in black salt, or fries it in tempura with seaweed. Pescatore is one of the few places in the capital where you can try the famous Neapolitan dish — fish in "Aqua pazza” as well as an unusual ingredient - cod milt, which Mustafa Mido fries in  tempura and cooks with Yuzu dressing.

It is the chef who picks the best ingredients for his restaurant. He orders fish and seafood in the Northern regions of Russia and in Japan. Shrimps are caught in the Okhotsk Sea. Seashells are brought from Sakhalin. Yellowtail, mackerel, sea urchin is delivered weekly from Japan. Deliveries from Korea are expected soon.

Special care is taken to ensure that all seafood in the restaurant is fresh. The most modern equipment was bought for this purpose. Wrapped in cold steam fish is waiting for its turn on the glaciers. At that time sea urchins, oysters, scallops and other sea shells are kept in huge aquariums.

One can observe masterful work of cooks if to choose a table close to the open kitchen. And there is the Raw Bar working at the entrance, where oysters are opened, sashimi is cooked, tuna and yellowtail is cut for a tartare, crudo is made of prawns and carpaccio is made of octopus – all in front of the guests.

Once a week, the restaurant announces Meat Day: steaks are grilled, lamb is baked, thick beef soup is boiled. This small but interesting menu is revealed in advance.
About once a month, when Andrei Zaitsev returns from a successful fishing trip, a special dish from Pescatore is prepared.

The wine list based on white wines from around the world, was developed for the restaurant by chef-sommelier Ekaterina Chukina. Although it includes all the wine classics, the sommelier suggests paying special attention to the excellent selection of Rieslings from Germany and Austria. Fans of light sparkling white and rose wines, which are good to drink in the summer heat, also do not remain without attention.

Konstantin Matrosov, who managed to fit painted, ceramic and mosaic fish in the light and simple environment, designed the interior of the restaurant. When on the terrace under the white sails, giving a saving shadow in the heat, it is easy to feel in the vacation somewhere on the coast.

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